Other resources to practice your language

- SBS Radio & Television for your chosen language: SBS television channel in French



- SBS French news (from France) No Subtitles at 8.40am Monday to Friday

- SBS Spanish news (from Spain) No Subtitles 11am Monday to Friday

- SBS 2 Spanish news (from Chile) No Subtitles Saturday mornings

- World Movies Channel 430

- Foreign Film Festivals in Sydney:  

    1. French Film Festival (all movies screened with subtitles ) March www.affrenchfilmfestival.org/


    2. Spanish Film Festival (all movies screened with subtitles) April/May  www.spanishfilmfestival.com/news/welcome  ​

    3. Latin American Film Festival (all movies screened with subtitles) September www.sydneylatinofilmfestival.org/     

    4. Mexican Film Festival (all movies screened with subtitles) October/November    


   5. More International film festival in Sydney in Spanish, English and French languages: www.filmfestivalsaustralia.com/about/

- Movies in Spanish you can find with subtitles in English and/or French (depending on DVD region):

      a. Nosotros los Nobles Mexico 2013 (We the Nobles)

      b. Los insólitos peces gato Mexico - Spain 2013 (The amazing catfish)

      c. La Chispa de la Vida Spain 2011 (As Luck would have it)

      d. Un Cuento Chino Argentina - Spain 2011 (Chinese Takeaway)

      e. Los Primos Spain 2010 (The Cousinhood)

      f. .Salvando al Soldado Pérez Mexico 2011 (Saving Private Perez)

      g. Perú Sabe: La cocina como arma social Peru 2013 (Peru Sabe: Cuisine as an agent of social change)


- Movies in French you can watch with subtitles in English and/or Spanish (depending on DVD region):

     a. Le Fabuleux Déstin d´Amélie Poulin France 2001 (Amélie)

    b. Wasabi France 2001 

    c.  Pour Elle France 2008 (Anything for Her)

​    d. Les riviers pourpres France 2008 (The Crimson Rivers)

​    e.  Tais-Toi France 2003 (Ruby & Quentin)

    f. Starbuck Canada 2012 

All you have to do is click on the button below for the language you are learning and select the exercise that we have discussed in class or that we have agreed on. Bring it to the next class so we correct it, use it to put it into practice and learn how to use it in a conversation.

Have fun and a good practice !

These learning resources are aimed to help you with your learning experience. Either in Spanish, English or French the exercises, practice and suggestions in the links will hopefully assist you in the development of your language skills and improvement.

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Raquel Martinez  

Learning resources and material for your chosen language