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Raquel Martinez  

I am a professional interpreter with 5+ years of work experience including Consecutive Interpreting (CI), Simultaneous Interpreting (SI), chuchotage and, liaison with clients (Ad Hoc).


My interpreting education as interpreter includes an Advanced Diploma in Interpreting in Sydney in November 2014 leading to a current national accreditation as a Professional Interpreter by the official National Accreditation Agency for Translators and Interpreters -NAATI- in Australia.


In the North America region I worked in several projects with mainly North American market and had the privilege to work for the first time with an Australian branch in 2006.


My areas of work as a Spanish interpreter include health, community, legal, government and business.


In the legal field, I have worked in interpreting assignments in areas such as Employment, Family and Immigration Law.


In the business and commercial fields, I have participated in interpreting assignments for areas such as construction, landscape, catering, business meetings and superior education.


Some clients of past and current assignments include but are not limited to:

  • PwC - Pricewater House Coopers
  • John Hardy Group Inc
  • Hilton Hotel Cancun
  • Berlitz Inc and,
  • Private law firms and business entities in the North America region and Sydney, NSW


In Australia I look forward to participating in more interpreting and rewarding professional assignments to help others reduce the language barrier to communicate seamlessly with each other.​

I currently provide with interpreting services to private and government agencies across Australia.

Also, I lecture Interpreting and Ethics of the interpreting profession at educational institutions in Sydney, NSW.

For a quick quote of interpreting services: E:, or, at +61 449 023 377

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