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Raquel Martinez  

Born in one of the biggest capital cities of the world: Mexico city, I was raised and educated in Cancun with overseas interaction from countries such as: France, Canada, Belgium, USA and UK I finished my university degree in International Tourism and Restaurant Management.

In the past I worked as a travel consultant, administration assistant, in event and project management.  More recently I have worked also as a Translator, Interpreter and of course as a Language instructor.

I like delivering enjoyable, daily life-focused and speaking orientated lessons based on the student's needs and interests.

I have trained people in preparation for a culture change e.g. immigrating to Chile or Paris.

I have sat two international examinations for English and French, obtaining successful marks. This has provided me with the experience of undergoing such a tremendous stress for the tests so I can train you better for them.

As a language facilitator I have trained individuals of ages ranging 12 to 70 in the Americas and Australia face to face and through online platforms.

There are loads of grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing activities online. However, you will always need a person to practice your speaking skills with. Give it a try

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