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Raquel Martinez  

Tailoring the language lessons to your needs and style

​​Sets of lessons are structured as:


1.  Beginners: present and future tenses, Spanish, English and French to get by at restaurants and when traveling. Talk about present activities and future plans.

2.  Intermediate: past tenses, future tense, imperfect tense and discussion of daily life situations. Describe present, past

and life experiences in all sorts of contexts.

3.  Advanced: conversational level, conditionals, subjunctive, speech reports and business situations as well as descriptive and informative language.


Although the above is a measure, I can definitely tailor the lessons according to your needs and expectations such as:

Ø Pronunciation

Ø Business skills e.g. presentations, meetings, language for work, writing communication

Ø Special events and occasions e.g. speeches, introductions and presentations

Ø Cultural awareness e.g. work and home relocation overseas

Ø Immigration purposes e.g. English certifications for Australian Residence, for work skills certification and cultural adjustment, etc

Ø  Academic purposes i.e. HSC, IB, languages as part of university and school curriculums

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